Trade & INVESTIMENT, Smor – December 2018

Being a company that never stops investing and looking to the future, JSM received, early in 2018, the delivery of a new machine to further enhance our range: a Stiff Knot Machine. This adds to the existing two types of animal fence we produce, one third product: brand name SMOR. With this machine we are pioneers in the Iberian Peninsula and one of an exclusive group of producers around the world who offer customers three types of stock fence: hinged joint, Stiff Knot and Fixed Knot.
SMOR is a fence suitable for use with many animals including cows, sheep and horses. The design of the knot gives a very strong and secure joint with no movement and no protruding wire ends, thus avoiding injuries to animals which might press against the fence, a step forward from the more traditional hinged joint.
The new addition complements our Nodimor Fixed Knot, a very strong fence, widely used in forestry projects and to protect highways from animals and human crossing. It is not a substitute for
Nodimor which we still consider to be “The Best Fence in the World”. SMOR underlines our commitment to provide the widest possible range of strong, safe and secure fencing for containment of animals in any location and all terrains around the world.