Company history

Having inherited a factory founded in 1910, J. Silva Moreira & Irmãos, L.da is preparing to complete a century of business activity and establish itself as a Company qualified to face the challenges of the 21st century. Two generations of determined industrialists have helped to build up the company. The third generation looks back on the company’s past with pride and confidently faces the future that is being planned. When Joaquim da Silva Moreira founded the factory in 1910, he knew that the natural ambition of a company is growth However, the economic stagnation of that difficult period in Portuguese history (which equally affected other sectors), further complicated the long and difficult path he faced, despite the fertile imagination and intuitive creativity with which he fed his dream. These were the qualities he used to invent and construct machinery which enabled business to be sustained until the economic situation and the conditions which restricted industry in the 1940s transformed his machinery into useless pieces of equipment.

The founder was succeeded by Agostinho da Silva Moreira, who took on the responsibility of continuing the work of the previous 40 years. He soon got down to work, and within a short period of time, the necessary modernisation process had begun. By the end of the 1960s, half a century of activities were suddenly enlivened by new investments: the factory, which had heard nothing more than the sound of wire twisters for nearly fifty years, now rang with new sounds: the constant hammering of new engines and drums, which started to produced barbed wire and netting. Modernisation and recovery were the key words of the strategic option pursued by the third generation in the last quarter of the 20th century. Growth increased at a new pace, with improvement and diversification of products in order to guarantee that two objectives could be attained simultaneously: a high level of quality in the finished work and a more comprehensive coverage of products in the sector. The Company now offers new products and has also began to sell derivatives from other international manufacturers and producers of recognised prestige. With its important legacy of almost a century of work, J. Silva Moreira & Irmãos, L.da is increasingly committed to the numerous friends who have always been its customers. And the company continues to be fully aware of what Joaquim da Silva Moreira already knew full well back in 1920: the natural ambition of a company is satisfied by growth. With the values required by the new century: rigour and integrity.

J. Silva Moreira

J. Silva Moreira & Irmãos, Lda., Is today a company with a European dimension. It produces 15 thousand tons per year of wire, produces barbed wire, elastic net (simple torsion), sheep net, chains, staples, poles and welded panels, whose destinies are the national and foreign markets, with particular focus on the European. The sectors of networks and barbed wire are those in which the Company most applies its energies, representing 80 percent of the activity. The Company’s product range completes a range of decorative grids, welded mesh and hexagonal grids, as well as a wide range of tools and accessories required for their application. 
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